More Inquiries.  Higher Close Rates.  More Students.

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The Enrollment Accelerator - The Smarter Way to Promote Online

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No matter how you produce leads, The Enrollment Accelerator will motivate more of them to visit your school. And they’ll come in ready to enroll.

The Enrollment Accelerator delivers personalized studio-quality 2-minute video presentations to your prospective students. Each prospect sees an introduction to your program that is tailored to match their specific interest. The experience is powerfully persuasive.

The video they see focuses on the benefits of your program for the specific age and gender of their child or themselves. They’ll see highly relevant, emotionally impactful testimonials from the customized video library we produce exclusively for your school.

Your 2-minute video presentations are delivered in a polished presentation format that gives your school, "the look of the leader." Between the pinpoint relevance of the content and the unparalleled quality, The Enrollment Accelerator convinces prospects to call and visit your school.

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"Every Program Director who sees this is going to love it." - Chris Natzke